When High and Dry is a Good Thing

If you don’t want the weather to keep you from touring, here’s what you need to know. Safe travel in wet weather includes having good motorcycle rain gear. The best gear is constructed of high-tech, waterproof fabrics. But you should avoid getting anything bulky, otherwise you might not carry it along all the time. Hopefully the information you find in this post will keep you from being all wet when it comes to rain gear.

Wet-weather motorcycle touring requires skill and experience on the bike. But having proper rain gear makes a big difference as well. The gear you choose for riding in the rain should be conspicuously colored, to enhance your visibility to other drivers. It should be comfortable to wear, because wet roads may actually increase your travel time. In fact, the more reflective surfaces you can get, the better. Above all, it should be easy to get into. There is little use for rain gear that takes so long to put on that you’re all wet by the time you zip things up.

The technology of waterproofing continues to advance. Exotic textiles are now available that will comfortably keep you dry and ventilated, even during moderate downpours. One of the most common materials used is 600 Denier nylon. Get used to the idea that better waterproofing costs more. The more you spend on rain gear, the better it will probably work. Other features to look for include pockets that close and seal, as well as inner pockets to keep your valuables, documents and cash dry and secure.

Space is at a premium regardless of your ride, so you want to avoid bulky rain gear that takes up all your space. When rain gear is in your way, you’ll eventually stop packing it, and then you’ll be stuck without out in the next unanticipated shower. Once again, you may have to spend extra for more compact systems, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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