Benefits of Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

Motorcycle touring is a great way to see areas of the country, but sometimes it’s difficult to fit everything you need to take along into a set of saddlebags. That’s where the motorcycle cargo trailer comes in. By adding a separate trailer to your touring setup, you can more than double your carrying capacity.  That […]

Make Your Ride Comfortable from the Bottom Up

Here’s what every would-be motorcycle touring enthusiast should know about touring seats. Getting the proper seat makes all the difference in comfort over long trips. There is a variety of stuffing materials designed to increase comfort. Having a comfortable backrest is crucial to complete the comfort engineering of your motorcycle touring seat. As we take […]

The Origins of the Sport-Touring Motorcycle

One of the most basic aspects of motorcycle touring is what kind of bike is best. Motorcycles come in several different styles, and each style is designed to excel at a certain type of riding. Touring bikes are big and have lots of options to make long distance travel more enjoyable. Sport bikes are all […]

Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Choosing a motorcycle helmet is one of those areas where choosing what you like may be the best way to decide. It sounds a little crazy to say that when there seem to be so many different features to compare. Helmets come in a wide range of styles, they have different safety ratings of which […]

When High and Dry is a Good Thing

If you don’t want the weather to keep you from touring, here’s what you need to know. Safe travel in wet weather includes having good motorcycle rain gear. The best gear is constructed of high-tech, waterproof fabrics. But you should avoid getting anything bulky, otherwise you might not carry it along all the time. Hopefully […]