Motorcycle Jackets, Zipper and Flaps Make a Stylish Protection System

Motorcycle jackets are almost as indispensable as helmets are when it comes to looks and safety. However, you should know that there are motorcycle jacket accessories that could enhance your safety even more. Actually, it might be more correct to call these motorcycle jacket details. So what are the details you need to be aware of?

Your motorcycle jacket is almost more like a system than a single piece of clothing. For example, the sleeves of a motorcycle jacket usually incorporate lots of straps and zippers. You thought they were there for style? Well, in a way they are, but that’s not their only reason for being there. Strategically placed straps and zippers work together to keep the jacket material tight against the wrist. They keep the sleeves from ballooning up with air and they also hold the sleeves in place to maximize protection if you fall.

The zippers themselves are usually made of metal. Not only do they serve a functional purpose, they also enhance the look of the jacket. But zippers by themselves wouldn’t be able to do the whole job. Zipper flaps are important too.

Flaps covering the zippers are surprisingly important. They reduce the chances that your jacket will get ripped along the seams. They keep dirt out of the zippers and they keep the zippers out of your skin. It’s best if the flaps are made of the same material as the jacket. Anything less will make it difficult for them to do their job over the long haul. Zipper flaps also tie the garment together, making it look like a single unit instead of several parts pieced together.

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