Do The Clothes Make the Rider (Make Them Safer, That Is)?

motorcycle clothingWhen it comes to the basics in clothing for motorcycle touring, here’s what every rider should know. The very least you can get by with is a jacket and gloves. You may be concerned about style, but safety is the primary function of motorcycle clothing. When you are shopping for what to wear on future rides, choose wisely because good clothing lasts a long time. Let’s look a little more closely at these issues because your safety and comfort depend your motorcycle clothing.

You just don’t ride a motorcycle without a jacket and gloves. Or at least you shouldn’t. If you don’t have some minimal protection, even a minor spill could cause major scrapes and bruises. The traditional material of motorcycle jackets has always been leather, but new man-made textiles are making some serious inroads to the motorcycle clothing market. To more complete protection, add boots, glasses, and pants (or chaps).

Motorcycle clothing is the most important safety gear you’ll wear (after your helmet). Any riding surface hard enough to support your motorcycle is hard enough to cause serious damage to you if you end up riding it without your bike. The right clothing, especially jackets and gloves, provides a soft layer of protection that can keep minor accidents minor. The future of motorcycle clothing may include instantly inflatable jackets that function like an airbag. I don’t know if I would get though. Can you imagine the thing misfiring while you’re riding in traffic? [shudder]

Good motorcycle clothing lasts a long time. The most expensive part of the ensemble will be your jacket. But don’t let the prices deter you because you can’t afford to be without a jacket. You can’t go wrong with leather, but if you plan to ride in all different types of weather, you might consider newer, more versatile materials now available.

You may believe that motorcycle clothing makes a statement about you. Actually, the right clothing makes two statements: (1) This rider is smart! and (2) Wow, this rider is looking good!

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