Make Your Ride Comfortable from the Bottom Up

Here’s what every would-be motorcycle touring enthusiast should know about touring seats. Getting the proper seat makes all the difference in comfort over long trips. There is a variety of stuffing materials designed to increase comfort. Having a comfortable backrest is crucial to complete the comfort engineering of your motorcycle touring seat. As we take a quick look at these topics, you can just sit down, lean back and enjoy the ride.

The whole point of motorcycle touring is that you’ll be taking trips longer than your average commute. Without the proper motorcycle touring seat installed, an enjoyable ride can be transformed into an uncomfortable endurance test. Not only will you be miserable while riding, a bad seat also means you will be really sore by the time you reach your destination. One thing a good motorcycle touring seat needs to do is to support your weight over the course of the trip. Its other function is to smooth out any bumps and vibrations that are transmitted through the bike from the road surface.

The key to a good motorcycle touring seat lies inside. Seats filled with foam are the least desirable. At a minimum, you should opt for motorcycle touring seats that use gel or gel packs to cushion the ride. This material is a step up from foam because it doesn’t compress over time. Although gel seats are more expensive, they will last longer and be more comfortable. Some seats offer the opportunity for customizing the fit from the inside out. They contain adjustable air cells that you can use to form the seat to your own unique shape.

No touring seat would be complete without a backrest. Holding yourself upright or leaning over the handlebars may be fine for short trips. But any serious touring motorcyclist will tell you that you need to lean back from time to time on the long trips. Find a backrest that is sturdy, adjustable, and fully capable of supporting your weight.

Motorcycle touring seats add both style and comfort to your bike. If you find the price for upgrades shocking, remember that a good seat can last the entire life of your bike. Spend the money now, and your body will thank you at the end of every trip.

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