Just Touring in the Rain, Laughing at Clouds

What happens when you want to go touring in a region where it’s often raining? What if the weather on your trip turns cool and damp? Motorcycle rain gear is the answer. Rain gear can turn normally uncomfortable conditions into a good ride experience. Cheap rain suits may be an attractive alternative, but you regret not buying something that works. But don’t view your rain suit as a superhero cape that makes rain riding safe. It’s for keeping the rain where it belongs, it doesn’t magically keep your bike on the wet roads.

Motorcycle rain gear extends your riding time. Obviously, rain suits allow you ride on a rainy day. But rain gear can also turn cold, damp rides into more enjoyable adventures. As seasons transition from one to the next, weather can often be unpredictable. Say you’ve been planning a trip for weeks and everything is set for the weekend. But when the weekend rolls around, you wake up to a cloudy and cool, foggy or misty day. In other words, the weather is just good enough to make canceling seem like an overreaction, but it’s just bad enough to make any riding totally uncomfortable. Good quality rain gear provides excellent protection from the elements and gives you more control over your riding schedule.

Don’t try to save loads of money on the motorcycle rain gear you buy. There is always a temptation to assume that you’re buying something you won’t use that often, so going for the discount brand is fine. I can almost guarantee you that you will never regret any penny you spend on good rain gear. Cheap motorcycle rain suits allow water to come in at the seams and around openings. This means they are failing at their most basic function. Plus, cheap gear is usually made from materials that don’t breathe properly. That means you’ll start perspiring inside the suit, and essentially end up as wet as you would have without the suit at all.

You should remember that riding in the rain is more than just slapping on some rain gear and heading down the road. Wet weather motorcycle touring requires more attention and care from the rider. With only two wheels touching the pavement, hydroplaning can happen quickly and turn disastrous. Your visibility may be hindered, and you will certainly be less visible to others on the highway. So don’t start thinking your rain suit will be an all-access pass in any kind of weather. There are some days when it is simply too wet to ride.

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