ChromeRoads Pennsylvania

Berks County, Pennsylvania

Route 663 is basically just a slow mess. It’s very congested through Pottstown and up to Quakertown. Even so, it has a few nice stretches.

Avoid Route 313 at all costs, unless you like riding in slow, congested truck traffic. Route 263 is also somewhat congested but not as much. You’ll find good speed and some good scenery. Route 662 is als a nice little road.

The jewel in Berks County is Route 143. It is truly a fantastic road with great scenery. There is usually very little traffic with good riding at a nice speed limit. The road winds through the woods at one point with a river running to the side.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Stump Road comes off of 313 south of Dublin. It’s a great road that takes you over towards 32, crossing 611 along the way. You should find it a nice riding road, with some twists and turns through woods as you get closer to the state park.

Chester County, Pennsylvania

When you get off the 76 at Conshohocken, take a left on 23 West. It starts out a bit congested and slow, with some twists back and forth. Beware the grooved pavement near a railroad crossing! But then you get to ride through Valley Forge. Very nice ride. Keep heading through Phoenixville and you get some nice rural road riding.

Route 345 is really one of the best roads ever! Awesome twists and turns through deep forest. It’s not for the novice rider. Passes through the French Creek forest and past the Hopewell Furnace.

Route 724 is an fair ride heading from the 345/724 junction. It gets a bit congested near Pottstown.

Route 841 is an awesome road that goes from Doe Run to the Maryland state line. You’ll experience plenty of real tight turns and scenery. That, and the light traffic, make this a great ride.

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Route 73 tends to be slow with lots of traffic. Construction also makes for less than enjoyable travel, but that might be finished by now.