Chrome Roads New Jersey

Burlington County, New Jersey

Stage Road isĀ  a little hard to find, but worth it. Heading east on 543, just after you cross the drawbridge, you’ll see a road bearing off to the left with a sign saying Bass River forest. Take this road. It crosses 679. Keep going into the Bass River forest. Back before Harley met Davidson, people used to take a stage from Camden to the bustling seaport of Tuckerton. Most of this old stage route is called, appropriately, Tuckerton road or 620. It disappears into the sands of the Wharton forest, and you can’t ride on the dirt part.

Stage Road is the final section of the old road, and it’s a blast. The forest is great, and the road keeps you busy. And now for the big secret – just after you pass the Bass River ranger station and campground, you cross the Garden State Parkway. Just after the bridge, you’ll see an unnamed road that runs parallel to the GSP. This is a cool road. Take it north to reach 539. That’s an order!

Atlantic County, New Jersey

Route 623 is one of the best roads, in my opinion, in the barrens. Start just north of Weymouth on 559, and bear to the right. Up until you get to the Black Horse Pike, the road passes through some very scenic woods and wetlands, with guardrails on either side. This is the Makepeace Lake wildlife area. Cross the Pikes, and go through Elwood, and cross 561. Then you pass some interesting sites, like the big radar on the left, and Gnoll Hill cemetary on the right side. You then reach 643.

Route 643 is a short, but scenic little road that runs from Pleasant Mills to Weekstown. I usually run this road after 623, to get to Pleasant Mills. Don’t miss the mill just before you get to 542.

Judging by the number of motorcycles I see on this Route 542, even in winter, this is one of the primo chrome roads in the barrens. Running from the White Horse Pike in Hammonton to New Gretna, this road has some great scenery, a biker meeting place, the Green Bank Inn at the corner of 563 and 542, lots of chances to wave at fellow bikers – if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Route 561 runs east west from Camden to the shore, roughly parallel to the White Horse pike. It’s one of my favorite routes to the Pine Barrens. There are lots of side roads to jump off on and see interesting things. Part of 561 runs on 73. The best part of the road is after 73, heading east. Near Winslow, is the railroad depot at Winslow Junction. Further on is 559, (a nice road towards Weymouth), and then you reach Hammonton. After that is the 623 crossing, and then the 561/561 alt split. I prefer the alt, but both lead to route 9. Taking the alt, you can cross 9 and go to Leeds Point. Not much to see from here, and it is a dead end, but it’s a nice little ride and a good view of Atlantic City.

I don’t often head down Route 658, preferring to head further out. 658 runs from 542 to 623, and then on to route 30. A short road, but it has some really nice curves, and forest vistas. Not much traffic. An out of the way gem in the pine barrens.

Camden County, New Jersey

I travel Route 536 most frequently, on my way out to more interesting roads. It runs from Sicklerville, past the White Horse Pike (route 30) where it’s called Pump Branch Road. A little jog gets you onto the next section at Geneo’s Tavern. Keep on heading out. It gets interesting towards the end, as you approach Atlantic county and 206. There’s an old abandonded rail line that you cross over – the markers are still on the pavement, but the rails are paved over – and then you get into Atlantic county. The ride from here to 206 is short, but very nice with nothing but woods.

Picture a moonlit night, cold air, frost on the grass, a twisty country road through the still, pine forest, and an occassional beaver on the road. Kettle Run road runs several miles through some nice forests. It has twisty turns, with one rather dangerous curve banked wrong at the end, just before a metal bridge.

I’d like to know more about the history of Flemming Pike / Union Rd. It seems to start in Williamstown, and runs across route 561. From here, it goes under a very old and low railroad bridge near Winslow Junction. Crosses route 30 into farm country. The pavement ends at Union Road – a very nice little road through the farm country back to route 206. Flemming pike continues on, following a railroad line (now abandoned) from Winslow. The dirt road crosses 536 and continues on up towards Atsion, where it seems to end.

Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Route 29 provides a winding trip up from Trenton through Stockton to Frenchtown. The road is in great shape, doesn’t permit big trucks, and has some great scenery. You can stay in the Stockton Inn, and have lunch at the Bridge Cafe in Frenchtown. Cross the bridge at Stockton to get onto 563 into PA.

Leaving Frenchtown, heading East on Route 12 is a fairly nice ride. But there’s not much scenery.

Old Mine Road runs along the Delaware River for approximately 24 miles, on the Jersey side. It is a great road to ride and stop to have a picnic on.