Benefits of Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

Motorcycle touring is a great way to see areas of the country, but sometimes it’s difficult to fit everything you need to take along into a set of saddlebags. That’s where the motorcycle cargo trailer comes in. By adding a separate trailer to your touring setup, you can more than double your carrying capacity.  That probably explains the massive increase in the popularity of motorcycle cargo trailers.

Adding a trailer opens a new world of possibilities when it comes to things you can take along. Golf clubs, for example, are pretty much out of the question without a trailer. But a cargo trailer means you can include them for your next trip to the golf resort. Motorcycle trailers also greatly extend the number of days you can plan to travel, because you’ll be able to take more clothes and gear.

If the weight of your motorcycle-trailer combo is distributed well, then you will barely notice the trailer is there, even on long trips. But keeping most of the weight low is the key to a smooth ride. Front-to-back weight distribution is also important. Put too much weight on the front and your motorcycle will begin to sag. When most of the weight is moved to the rear, that could cause your trailer to sway.

When you start touring with a trailer attached, there are few safety considerations. You should learn to ride more closely to the center of the road. You might have to adjust your driving style a little bit to account for the extra length of your motorcycle plus trailer rig. But on the plus side of safety, adding the trailer increases your visibility to other drivers (which has always been the number one problem with motorcycle touring).

Has this post given you some ideas about adding a motorcycle cargo trailer? If your motorcycle riding includes lots of touring, then you should at least take a look at some of the models available. A properly attached and loaded trailer can provide a lot of benefits without sacrificing your ride comfort. Many riders who already run with trailers report they would never go back to traveling without one.

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